“2017 Youthful China – Shenzhen Charitable Run” took place
2017/12/10 17:14:30 来源:世健公益基金

       The “2017 Youthful China – Shenzhen Charitable Run” green city transit charity event officially began at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center during the morning of Dec. 10th, 2017. The event actively promotes the concept of “innovation, coordination, sustainability, open-mindedness and sharing” in public events as a new development ideal. Citizens participated in the run through use of sustainable transit methods, sharing in the joys of exercise while experiencing the beautiful coastal landscape of Shenzhen and spreading warmth and love in the city through charity. 

       The opening ceremony attracted dozens of charity organizations, nearly 100 volunteers and 3000 participants, and garnered attention from over 100,000 people online. The participants, whether they were men or women, the young or the elderly, local or foreign, participated passionately in the event. Participants started the run from the East Square of the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, signing in at 7 locations on a 50km route through the Districts of Luohu, Futian and Nanshan, and completing Shenzhen’s first “Sports + Charity” green transit event. 

       Many TV hosts, stars and livestream hosts joined the ranks of the participants to show their support. Tommy Dong, Joseph Zeng, Wendong Yuan, Le Wang, Lianna, and Hui Zhang each led a run group during the day’s event, attracting the attention of the Shenzhen public. Also invited to the event were Hunan Satellite TV Host Xin Wan, the children from TV show 《萌师驾到》, Even, and many other stars to interact and cheer on everyone for charity.

       Participants used four green methods of transit – taking the metro and bus, walking, and jogging – to make their way through the city and fundraise for charity. This event was co-hosted by the Shenzhen Media Foundation, Shenzhen Youth Development Foundation and Mango V Foundation, and co-organized by the Shenzhen World Health Foundation. The Shenzhen World Health Foundation will continue to walk down the path of charity firmly, and together with you, find the touching things around us with our eyes and measure the charm of Shenzhen with our footsteps.