SWHF held its first “Healthcare Learning with us” series event
2017/12/24 17:11:24 来源:世健公益基金

      “Healthcare Learning with us” is a series of parent-child events launched by the Shenzhen World Health Foundation aimed at improving children’s understanding of health using a rich learning environment with interactive activities and games, promoting healthy development and emotional communication between parents and children. On December 24th, 2017, SWHF held its first “Healthcare Learning with us” series event – I am a Little Dentist – to raise children’s awareness on oral health care and to facilitate good dental hygiene habits. 

     Throughout the event, dentists patiently introduced the children to the functions of teeth and their importance in health to help them understand the need to protect their teeth. The dentists also used a large dental model to demonstrate the correct method to brush teeth and asked a student representative to try it out, providing the children with a direct visual understanding of the steps to care for their teeth. The event wrapped up with the dental team providing a free dental checkup for all the parents and children. 

      Children’s health is central to every family; it is important to take preventative measures from childhood to reduce the incidence of oral diseases and to cultivate a sense of self-protection. The event was well received by parents and children alike, with everyone expressing that they learned a lot through the activities. Through the event, we also felt a change in the children – the start to good oral health care habits.

        This “Healthcare Learning with us” event was hosted by the Shenzhen World Health Foundation, co-organized by Happyi and undertaken by Meng En Dental, with guidance from the Mango V Foundation and sponsorship from Beike Biotechnology. SWHF will continue to carry out a series of events to deepen the understanding of parents and children on the importance of health, to cultivate interest in science and good personal hygiene habits, and to create a healthy environment for children to grow up in.