Shenzhen World Health Foundation Participating in the Parent-Child Carnival to Promote the Concept o
2017/9/23 18:47:28 来源:世健公益基金

Between Sep. 23rd and 24th, 2017, the Third Parent-Child Carnival---“Together with Kids” and “Running for Shenzhen Charity Event”--- had its launch ceremony held in Shenzhen Convention Center. Shenzhen World Health Foundation and Beike Biotechnology, together with the Kid Doctor Team of the Chest Pain Center, Shenzhen Sun Yet-Sen Cardiovascular Hospital participated in this large event, a special journey of public-good.

A charity program “Healthy Learning and Happy Benefit”, sponsored jointly by Shenzhen World Health Foundation, Mango V Foundation (China Social Welfare Foundation affiliated), and Shenzhen Media Foundation, was formally initiated on the same day of the launch ceremony. This program is trying to leverag on the charity platform of China’s top media resources to promote the concept of “healthy family”, and include a variety of activities focusing on the theme “Health”. By participating in the program, kids will learn and grow happily and enjoy the feelings of helping others. The first batch of activities includes: Kids Emergency Physicians, Kids Masters of Fire Prevention and Protection, Learning About Life Science, Classes of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Enjoying Nature, and etc. The Kid Doctor Team of the Chest Pain Center, Shenzhen Sun Yet-Sen Cardiovascular Hospital was running the Kids Doctors Classroom, teaching children how to do basic first aid. This class was very much well received by the kids and their family members.

The President of Beike Biotechnology, Dr. Hu Xiang, and his wife, Madam Zhang Junwei, as the founders of Shenzhen World Health Foundation, are public-spirited. Dr. Hu dedicated the prize from “Thousand Talents Program” to found Chinese charity program that supplies training courses and rehabilitation programs to autistic children and their parents, which became a national rehabilitation program for handicapped children later on. The couple established Shenzhen World Health Foundation to pay back the society, and shoulder the social responsibilities as entrepreneurs who have made actual contributions.

Mr. Zheng Weining, the founder of Canyou Group and a great philanthropist was invited to participate in the event. Mr. Zheng Weining is benefiting from the histo-cytological preparation techniques of Beike Biotechnology, and he is also witnessing the development of the health cause of Beike. Beike has provided technology and services to Mr. Zheng in conquering cancer and finding out the hope of life. Mr. Zheng notes that he is very much recognizing the public good programs initiated by Beike, and will be devoted to these programs continuously.