The second Xiong'An International Health Forum was successfully held
2020/4/29 21:12:37 来源:世健公益基金

    The second Xiong'An International Health Forum was successfully held in Hebei, China. The Forum is co-founded by the World Health Foundation(WHF), China Health Culture Association(CHCA), China Association of Chinese Medicine(CACM) and China Institute of Strategy and Management(CISM), has received recognition and strong support from the People's Government of Hebei Province an the Administrative Committee of Xiong'An New Area. It is a cross-sector and international summit for global health. The purpose of XIHF is to gather the wisdom and resources of medical and health industries and to garner the attention and influence of those at home and abroad on health issues. The aim is to provide a platform for government officials, professors, business managers, researchers and medical doctors to exchange their understandings and ideas so as to predict development trends, discuss policy recommendations and build cross-sector bridges for institutions and individuals concerned, and to promote the comprehensive implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda and the Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline.