Governance Structure
  • (a) Board of Trustees
    • (i) Unique individuals
    • (ii) High professional qualities
    • (iii) Leadership and vision
  • (b) Executive Committee
    • To manage the activities of the Foundation
    • (i) Finance Committee
    • (ii) Administrative Committee
  • (c) Secretary-General
    • Directs the overall management of
    • the Foundation
  • (d) Staff
    • Responsible to the Secretary-General in
    • carrying out the work of the Foundation
SWHF is governed by the Board of Trustees which comprises unique individuals who possess high professional qualities and leadership skills and vision. The Board is assisted by an Executive Committee which manages the activities of SWHF through its standing committees on Finance and Administration as well as such ad hoc committees the Board may, from time to time, establish. The Secetary-General of SWHF, Ms. Junwei Zhang, directs the overall management of SWHF and is assisted by the staff who work under her authority.