World Health Foundation (WHF) is a private, non- profit charity. It undertakes the mission to build an international health platform for communication among global health organizations and their members, including government agencies, businesses, associations, and academies It focuses on BT technology, medicine, disease prevention, healthcare and health education. On this basis, it furthers the dialogue among global health leaders, and accelerates the demonstration and commercialization of health research findings for a healthier China, and a healthier world at large.

In April 2017, WHF, International Ocean institute, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University co-hosted the "Healthy Oceans-Health Coast" International Leadership Conference towards achieving SDG 14. This conference was regarded as another high-level international forum for solving global ocean issues after the 33rd annual World Conference on Oceanic Peace held in Beijing in 2010. Nearly 100 official and unofficial representatives from 12 countries and regions such as China, the United States, Switzerland, Malta, France, Canada, Sweden and Germany attended this event.

In November 2018, The inaugural Xiong’An International Health Forum hosted by WHF was held in Langfang, Hebei Province, China. This three-day event featured 2 main sessions, 8 panel sessions, 12 thematic dialogue sessions, and 1 award ceremony. Some 700 people – including nearly 60 foreign guests – attended the forum. Among them were 9 academicians and Nobel Prize winners, over 110 scholars and professors, and more than 50 business executives from the global health sectors. They represented 11 renowned universities, 22 top-level hospitals hospitals, and over 50 listed or major unlisted companies. The event was covered by mainstream media including the CCTV and Xinhua News Agency with over 40 reports.


Hu Xiang M.D Ph.D

Founder & Honorary Chairman, Shenzhen World Health Foundation

Council Member, UNICEF International Council

Chairman, Shenzhen Beike Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Chairman, Shenzhen Beike Life Co., Ltd.

Executive Vice Chairman, ZhengWeining Charity Foundation

President, Chinese Medicine City Cell Research Institute

Dr. Xiang Hu strongly believes in the ideals of the United Nations and China’s increasingly active role in the United Nations and is committed to paying back to society.In 2008, Dr. Hu was selected as an expert of national program due to his outstanding contribution to the clinical translation of cell therapy technologies. Dr. Hu dedicated the prize to found a charity program that supplied training courses and rehabilitation programs to autistic children and their parents. The program was acquired by Aiyou Foundation for establishment of a national rehabilitation program for handicapped children in 2012.

Liu Shikang

Founder, Shenzhen World Health Foundation

Senior Business Model Architect

Guest Lecturer, Tsinghua University

Special Researcher, People's Government of Yunnan Province

Former President, Independent Division of China, P&G

CEO, Shenzhen 23rd Century Life Tech Co., Ltd

Chairman & CEO, Meidu No.1 International Medical Beauty Holding Group

Liu Shikang served as deputy director of the Beijing Anti-Cancer Association in 2013 and led the whole staff to help over 100,000 cancer patients overcome the suffering of diseases and improve the quality of their lives.